We are a growing and thriving community of believers in Terry, Ms.  Our church is made of people from all ages and numerous and varied church backgrounds.   We gather weekly to sing, pray, and study God’s Word together with songs that are easy to follow and sermons that are relevant to the real ups and downs of daily life.


Do you have questions?

Well, I have a few. But I have learned who has the answers and where to find them.  Join us for a week or three and see if you discover the answer to any of the questions that you have asked.

The Bible speaks to the issues of life, death, disease, discouragement, hope, the miraculous, money, marriage, family, and much more.  Join us we seek to learn and grow in knowledge of the Lord and His Word.

When Jesus ascended into the heavens, He promised that we wouldn’t be left without a guide or alone.  To that end, He sent the Holy Spirit to lead us, guide us, and comfort us.   Magnolia Church is a comfortable place to cultivate your relationship with the best guide you could have in life, the Holy Spirit.  Jesus is a personal saviour and He cares for you personally.


God called us to be a representative for Him to our people.   In the fall of 2013, Michael and Leslie returned to Mississippi with a dream to follow the Holy Spirit and reach the spiritually disconnected among the community where we live and work.  A year later, with many of neighbors and friends working together, we met officially as a church for the first time.  Divine providence saw fit to open the door of opportunity to have our own space free of rent on Ford Road outside Terry in 2015.   In 2017,   we were fortunate to purchase the property and continue the work of building a church community that will long serve the spiritual needs of many in Hinds County.

Magnolia Church is a church plant and partner with the Association of Related Churches. You can find out more about ARC @  www.arcchurches.com

Plan Your Visit

We know visiting a church for the first time may be uncomfortable.  Let us set your mind at ease. We do not practice any awkward rituals that will leave you out of place (*there are no snakes to pass or formulas to recite).

We are more blue jeans and boots than slacks and suits but any apparel is welcome as long as you wear something.

You can skip breakfast if you’re short on time.  We always have fresh coffee and pastries or donuts that you can enjoy while Michael preaches.

Church begins at 10:30am and is over by 11:40am.  Ten minutes early is plenty of time to find a seat and get your kids settled.


Our nursery is staffed most weeks by Ms. Bobby Gene.  She is a familiar community face who has served the past few decades at a local church daycare.

Toddlers through 6th grade will enjoy age appropriate Bible lessons and fun and crafts while parents enjoy the adult service.

Junior High will worship with the adults until 10:55am and then make their way next door for a relevant lesson in our multipurpose building.


We are located at:

1198 Ford Rd
Terry MS 39170